Leading is Natural, So Start Leading

One of the greatest hindrances to leading is the belief that leadership is a formal role, requiring formal authority. It is not. Leadership is a function, not a position. Therefore, no one person “owns” leadership. It is natural and fluid, emerging when most needed and called out from a situation or environment. Knowing this should then alter your view about leading. Leading is so natural that you do not need to wait until you are named or promoted to some formal position of authority to begin leading. Rather, you can start leading now—today—from right where you are.

In working with new and emerging leaders, this is often the misconception they have about leadership. In working with executive leaders as well, this view becomes an impediment to their own potential success and blocks the emergent talent of the future leaders within their organizations, divisions or even societies. Either way, the result can be damaging to an organization’s success. When applied at societal levels in government, it can be detrimental to the prosperity of a nation.

To overcome this, executives and emerging leaders alike should rethink their views and approaches to leading. Stay tuned for future posts with strategies and techniques to lead the way.

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